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Congrats to our Hearts for Emma Partner Fund and NJ Sharing Network college scholarship recipients for the 2023 school year:

Left: Emily Blomkvist -- Right: Nancie Rothman

Emily Blomkvist

North Hunterdon High School

Emily is a rising senior that honors her father’s heart transplant by passionately advocating for a cause that saved her father’s life.


Jake Caravalho

Randolph High School

Jake watched his father’s heart almost failand be listed for transplant; to then watch his father’s heart get remarkedly stronger due to 2 cardiac procedures that saved his heart. Through this experience, Jake understands the ability to save a life by being an organ & tissue donor.

Zachary Smolanoff

Cranford High School

Zachary saw firsthand how a heart transplant saved his uncle’s life. Zachary plans to register to become an organ and tissue donorand promote the need for “everyone” to register.


Left: Sophia Fliegler -- Right: Nancie Rothman

Sophia Fliegler

Randolph High School

Sophia received a heart transplant when she was 10 weeks old. She honors her transplant volunteering for many organizations related to the transplant community.

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