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Bedside Initiatives

teddy bear wearing a Hearts for Emma t-shirt
Hearts for Emma blanket
A decorated hospital room of a child
Four teddy bears wearing Hearts for Emma t-shirts
Gift cards that are given out to families in need
Hearts for Emma branded chapstick
Scrapbook of a young child
Nancie with a young child in a hospital
Beads of Courage

Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are given to children to be with them every step of their transplant journey. From experiencing blood drawers, having procedures, to wearing a hospital bracelet like theirs…these bears help children feel less alone and support them in understanding medical experiences that are often hard to explain.  

In addition, as siblings navigate their journey in a family affected by organ and tissue donation and transplantation, the bears can also provide a consistent companionship to them at a time of sudden and significant disruption and worry in their lives. 

Care Bags

With our care bags, Hearts for Emma provides families with items to “help” make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Hospitals are cold – a fleece blanket enables a parent and/or patient to be warmer.

  • Hospitals have very dry air – ChapSticks help keep lips hydrated.

  • Hospitals are very noisy and brightly lit – ear plugs try to create a buffer from all those beeping machines. And, in the chance a family member gets to try to get some sleep, an eye mask is provided to help them.

  • Hospitals notoriously do not have the softest tissues and families are often quite emotional – soft tissue packs are included.

  • A journal and pen are perhaps the most important during every medical conversation. Sleepless days and nights do not provide for being alert. Along with all the medical information being given to a caregiver, having a journal and pen provides an opportunity to journal one’s thoughts during an extremely scary and stressful time.

  • Breath mints are supplied, because everyone needs a “pop,” especially on endless days when a caregiver's oral care is limited. 

Emma's Closet

By providing personal care items for families, caregivers have the opportunity to take care of their personal hygiene without having to leave the hospital to purchase their needed items. If families do have to purchase toiletries in NYC or Philadelphia, where our hospitals are located,  it is often  challenging, as prices in these cities are often much higher than in the towns they reside in.

If you, or an origanization, would like to donte travel sized  toiletries for our families and caregivers, please email Nancie Rothman or visit our Amazon Wishlist.