Hearts for Emma provides assistance to families of children with heart disease and supports educational initiatives relating to heart transplantation and organ and tissue donation.

The Story Behind Hearts For Emma

On the morning of March 28th 2011, our 12-year-old daughter, Emma, was at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, New Jersey for what was supposed to be a quick, routine blood test. Then, we were going to go out for her favorite breakfast before heading to school

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Why We Help

Children with heart disease usually require frequent visits to specialized hospitals. Families may incur travel costs, lost wages, childcare for siblings, and many other non-covered expenses.

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Gala Info and News

For more information & how to purchase tickets click below.

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Gala Silent Auction

A fantastic silent auction needs to start with a heart! Here’s the first one.  Thank you to all vendors and

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You Have the Power to Save Lives

The Hearts for Emma Partner Fund with the NJ Sharing Network Foundation, created new education tools to support the High

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